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Centre for Corpus Research (CCR), University of Birmingham

This is a special blog post, extending our thanks to the Centre for Corpus Research (CCR), located in the University of Birmingham for their valuable contribution to the All About Corpora (AAC) website. In particular, we would like to express our gratitude to Professor Michaela Mahlberg, who is the Director of CCR, for encouraging her colleagues to put forward their research profiles, as well as providing us with a treasure trove of research materials. At the time of posting this article, Researcher Profiles for the following CCR members can be found on our website: Michaela Mahlberg (Director) Paul Thompson (Deputy...

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Researcher Profiles page – Are British based academics given preference?

I wanted to write this brief clarification in relation the Researcher Profiles page, as I have had a few queries in relation to the layout and content of the page. In relation to the layout, a consistent question I have faced is: ‘Why is a differentiation made between UK based academics and International Academics?’ The simple answer is that the majority of the academics on the site are currently from the UK (more than all the other countries combined) and that is why UK was specified independently. Should there come a time, when there are a significant number of academics from another country, that country would also then be listed separately. It is hoped that by the end of this calendar year, at the very least all the academics would be split up according to their respective continents.   Many may then pose the question, ‘Why split them up in such a manner in the first place?’ Well, the academics have been categorised in such a manner to preempt the new features that will be added to the site, which are principally concerned with providing a platform for aspiring corpus linguists, who are looking to pursue PhDs. Many international students who receive PhD scholarships can be restricted by their home institution in relation to which countries/institutions they are able to apply to. For example, in Saudi Arabia, where I am...

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RISING STAR: Ahdi Hassan – Pakistani Languages Corpora

AAC Admin: One of the core missions of the All About Corpora website is to provide a platform for independent researchers and research students who are not as visible to the academic community, when compared to some of the more prominent corpus linguists. The ‘Rising Star’ blog articles, alongside the researcher profiles section is one of the main ways we aim to achieve this.  Written by Ahdi Hassan, CEO of Pakistani Languages Corpora Ahdi Hassan is the CEO of the Pakistani Languages Corpora (PLC) and is an independent scholar based in Pakistan.  The PLC is a system designed for...

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Corpus Linguistics: It’s not just for linguists!

Written by Lynne Bowker, University of Ottawa I was recently very fortunate to have been honoured as the 2018 winner of the ALISE/Proquest Methodology Paper Competition awarded by the Association for Library and Information Science Educators (ALISE). The paper is entitled “Corpus Linguistics: It’s not just for linguists!” and my goal in writing it was to demonstrate that corpus linguistics is a methodology that can be useful for researchers in fields beyond linguistics, including library and information science (LIS). Although my background and education lie firmly in applied linguistics, I have become more active in LIS in recent years,...

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Adil Ray Interview

Please Note: I (Bilal) was initially planning to put up the transcript of the interview alongside my personal observations on some of the points that were mentioned. However, due to the sheer length of the transcript in and of itself, I have decided to pen down my personal observations in a separate blog article that will be released next week. CONTEXT: Before reading the transcript, it is important to provide some context in relation to why I decided to do this interview. My PhD Thesis investigated the Construction of Identities in the BBC sitcom Citizen Khan. For the readers...

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