Month: March 2018

Centre for Corpus Research (CCR), University of Birmingham

This is a special blog post, extending our thanks to the Centre for Corpus Research (CCR), located in the University of Birmingham for their valuable contribution to the All About Corpora (AAC) website. In particular, we would like to express our gratitude to Professor Michaela Mahlberg, who is the Director of CCR, for encouraging her colleagues to put forward their research profiles, as well as providing us with a treasure trove of research materials. At the time of posting this article, Researcher Profiles for the following CCR members can be found on our website: Michaela Mahlberg (Director) Paul Thompson (Deputy...

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SOCC: A corpus of online news comments

Written by Maite Taboada, Simon Fraser University The SFU Opinion and Comments Corpus (SOCC) is a corpus for the analysis of online news comments. Our corpus contains comments and the articles from which the comments originated. The articles are all opinion articles, not hard news articles. The corpus is larger than any other currently available comments corpora, and has been collected with attention to preserving reply structures and other metadata. In addition to the raw corpus, we also present annotations for four different phenomena: constructiveness, toxicity, negation and its scope, and appraisal. The articles include all the opinion pieces...

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