Month: January 2018

American and British English: Divided by a Common Language?

 Written by Bilal Kadiri, King Khalid University The ‘Featured Book’ blog articles will be released at least once a month and will focus on not only recently published books, but also those which have made a key contribution within the field of Corpus Linguistics. The first book to be featured on the AAC Blog is Paul Baker’s piece entitled ‘American and British English: Divided by a Common Language?’ , which is published by Cambridge University Press.  Baker examined changes in language usage in American and British English by analysing data from eight corpora (Extended Brown Family of Corpora, AmE...

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Monika Bednarek’s Report from the 6th New Zealand Discourse Conference (NZDC2017)

Written by Monika Bednarek, Department of Linguistics, The University of Sydney Late last year I participated in the 6th New Zealand Discourse Conference, held in Auckland from 6-9 December 2017 ( The conference hosts included the Auckland University of Technology (AUT), AUT Multimodal Research Center, AUT Institute of Culture Discourse & Communication, and Massey University. The New Zealand Discourse conference series is a regular event for researchers applying various types of discourse analysis, with this 6th conference including an emphasis on multimodal discourse analysis. This emphasis was reflected in the plenary speakers (Sigrid Norris, Theo van Leeuwen, Michael Bamberg,...

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Laurence Anthony: The Thomas Edison of Corpus Linguistics

Written by Bilal Kadiri, King Khalid University The ‘Featured Researcher’ blog articles aim to provide a more detailed insight (when compared with the researcher profiles) into some of the prominent researchers within the field of Corpus Linguistics. The first researcher to be featured on the AAC Blog is Laurence Anthony, who is a Professor in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Waseda University, Japan. There are a number of researchers who have made an immense contribution to Corpus Linguistics over the past few decades and it was a tricky decision as to who to feature first. However, I...

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RISING STAR: Ahdi Hassan – Pakistani Languages Corpora

AAC Admin: One of the core missions of the All About Corpora website is to provide a platform for independent researchers and research students who are not as visible to the academic community, when compared to some of the more prominent corpus linguists. The ‘Rising Star’ blog articles, alongside the researcher profiles section is one of the main ways we aim to achieve this.  Written by Ahdi Hassan, CEO of Pakistani Languages Corpora Ahdi Hassan is the CEO of the Pakistani Languages Corpora (PLC) and is an independent scholar based in Pakistan.  The PLC is a system designed for...

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Corpus Linguistics: It’s not just for linguists!

Written by Lynne Bowker, University of Ottawa I was recently very fortunate to have been honoured as the 2018 winner of the ALISE/Proquest Methodology Paper Competition awarded by the Association for Library and Information Science Educators (ALISE). The paper is entitled “Corpus Linguistics: It’s not just for linguists!” and my goal in writing it was to demonstrate that corpus linguistics is a methodology that can be useful for researchers in fields beyond linguistics, including library and information science (LIS). Although my background and education lie firmly in applied linguistics, I have become more active in LIS in recent years,...

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